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About our Corporate Partnership Program

Many of you know that an important part of the NBBA mission is to give back to our community. We believe that giving back to the community means that every young person has the opportunity to participate in our basketball program, regardless of economic standing.

In an effort to continue sponsoring youth and families in financial need, North Bay Basketball Academy has created a new corporate partner program aimed at companies doing business in the North Bay. All of the proceeds will go directly to our youth scholarship program. Many of you own companies or are self-employed entrepreneurs and this is a unique opportunity for you to partner with NBBA. We see it as a win-win proposition!

We appreciate all of the support that you, our NBBA families, have given us so we want to give you a chance to showcase your business as we promote ours.

If you're interested in signing up, or want more information about this opportunity, please contact Brock Winter by phone or e-mail.

P: 786-501-5023
E: brock@northbaybasketballacademy.com