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Win Warriors Tix
@ NBBA's Fun & Free Fundraiser



Come join NBBA for a Day of Live Football Fun and help make a difference in our community.

Check out the FireFan Promotional Video:

NBBA is running an optional fundraiser on Sunday, November 27th. To participate, pre-register for FireFan, the interactive sports app that allows you to compete against others by making real time predictions during live games.

This is a FREE App and registration must be completed by 11:59 pm on November 20th to receive 12 tokens to play the game. Tokens allow you to play the games, and the first game is FREE with the 12 tokens that you get for using our code when you register. The more people that play, the more money NBBA raises for our Scholarship Program!


Code to Receive your 12 Free Tokens:


Prizes for Players with the Most Points
1st Prize - One Warrior Game* or Free Spring Travel Season

* See available games below for seats 16 & 17, in Section 123, Row 29:
  • December: 3rd vs. Phoenix / 5th vs. Indiana / 20th vs. Utah
  • January: 2nd vs. Denver
  • February: 1st vs. Charlotte / 15th vs. Sacramento
  • March: 14th vs. Philadelphia
  • April: 2nd vs. Washington
2nd Prize - Free Summer Camp

3rd Prize - NBBA Shirt and Socks

How to Accumulate Points to Win
Once you register using code NBBA2016, and start playing a game with your 12 free tokens, we will give you 25 points!

  1. We will also give you an additional 15 points for anyone that you refer and participates in one of the two games below by using their 12 tokens.
  2. All people you refer must register at this link:
  3. Please have each person you refer email Madison Lott at and have them give Madison your name so he can track the point totals for each person.

For our fundraiser we are hosting two games on November 27th.

You will receive an invite to both games, and you'll have the option to play either or both:
  • 10:00 am: San Francisco 49ers at Miami Dolphins
  • 1:00 pm: Carolina Panthers vs. Oakland Raiders

In addition to the points you can earn from referrals, you will have the opportunity to accumulate points in FireFan during each game by correctly predicting outcomes (i.e What will happen on the next drive - punt, turnover, FG, Touchdown?)

FireFan also features a live leaderboard so you will always know your standing in the game!

The top 3 point earners will win the prizes. In case of a tie in total points, the person in the tie who referred the most people wins.


Email Madison Lott at

North Bay Basketball Academy
Rick Winter, Executive Director
50 Lisbon St
San Rafael, CA 94901

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